The Eelery


"So far the artificial production of eels has eluded scientists."

Is anyone else concerned about this?

Does everyone remember the terrible fuss over Ling-Ling? The constant hoping, the unceasing pregnancy testing, the internet dating at That panda's sex life got more play on the news than Paris Hilton's.

The eel is a far more important commodity than the giant panda. You walk into any sushi joint, you'll find eel (unagi). In tokyo, there are hundreds of restaurants devoted solely to eel. Unajuu is eel on rice. There is kabayaki, eel skewers without rice. Shiriyaki is eel without sauce, favored by eel traditionalists. You can order an all-eel meal (una-zukishi) , including a side of kimosui, eel-liver soup.

So why no outcry over the lack of artificial eels?

Sure, pandas are cuddly, but what about Jaws? Everyone knows great white sharks can't survive in captivity, much less be bred. There was a major Hollywood production about it - who doesn't remember Jaws III, in which a big mama shark tears up Sea World for failing to keep her baby alive?

I don't know. I can't figure out why we aren't more concerned with trying to find a means to produce this fascinating and yummy creature. If we're not careful, we'll lose the eel race, and given the eel's nutritional value, this could spell disaster for a world rapidly outgrowing it's resources.

If anyone has the latest on eel production, or why we aren't doing it, lemme know.



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